It's much less painful writing this article now that 'Team Train' won it's first game last week, but we still are a game behind the unstoppable and undefeated 'Team Sarah'.

Nickelodeon at the Super Bowl Experience - JoJo Siwa performance at NFL Play 60 Kids Day
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Team Train Picks: Minnesota

After a frustrating game in which they clutched a 'Tie' from The Jaws Of Victory, we feel that Minnesota will return home and run roughshod over lowly and sad Buffalo.

Hopefully, more players from Buffalo will retire at halftime and ensure that victory will be ours again!

Two wins in a row would be ever so sweet.

Team Sarah Picks: Philadelphia

The highlight of this week's audio (IMHO) is Sarah whispering 'Carson Wentz' , slowly, in an effort to recall just exactly who he is.

In defense of Sarah, the starting Quarterback for Philadelphia hasn't started a game since his ACL injury almost ten months ago. So, I can see why his name sounded so mysterious.

It is this brand of razor sharp team work that has put forth an undefeated season thus far and I am proud to say that the U Pick Em overall record is an impressive 3-1.

Thanks again to Hugh of Eliot Small Engine and Jacob of SIS Bank for always making this segment so much fun.

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