Continuing in my series of things I did on my Summer vaca, I finally hacked away at my very small yet aesthetically hideous front lawn. The 'After' may be worse than the 'Before'.

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Since it's only about 3' by 10' in total area, this gnarly patch of thatch was never a concern of mine. It has been taken care of by an unknown grass groomer for the past decade and now, as you can plainly see, that groomer is long gone.

Compounding the ugliness, there's a maple sapling that is bound and determined to grow alongside my steps as well. And fighting that battle was very difficult.

My initial plan was to take a long handle pruner and work the entire yard, sapling included. The jaws of the pruner were not only way too small to cut grass, they were also not sharp enough to tackle the wiry maple.

I decided to increase my mowing firepower by borrowing my parents hedge clippers which worked quite well. Take a look at the result!

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HAHA! Fooled you! This is a picture of a bouquet that my Ma arranged out of her garden. I think this photo helps to cleanse the palette and allow you the proper perspective on just how ugly the 'After' photo is.

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While I guess you could say that, for a lawn that has not been watered during one of the worst droughts in recent memory, it is relatively green.

It's much more dead looking now and some kind of animal (my guess is a skunk) has been digging for grubs since I took this photo.

The ugliest lawn in NH? In quantity and quality?

You're looking at it!

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