Earlier this year, it was announced that Maine had become a billion-dollar destination for weddings. People from across the globe have been pinpointing Maine and it's incredible selection of venues as the place they want to tie the knot. So how is one place separating themselves from others? Ironically, it's by offering 'less' to their customers. Less clothes that is.

It's called the Richmond Sauna, a small little clothing-optional retreat tucked away in the woods of Maine. They offer plenty for those living and experimenting with a nude lifestyle, including wood-fired sauna rooms, an outdoor hot tub, and a heated swimming pool. But if you're really looking to up the ante, you can also get married at this unique destination, clothes or not. It's not a joke, they'll work with you.

The backstory of the Richmond Sauna itself is pretty remarkable too. When it was constructed in the 70's, nobody showed up except for lifelong hippies looking for a good steam in a sauna. But after some persistent advertising and hard work by the owner, people started showing up. Decades later, the Richmond Sauna provides a perfect setting for its niche audience.

And perhaps that niche is the wedding setting of your dreams. You and your significant other, one with nature. Who says you can't have it all when getting married in Maine?


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