Tourist and some Mainer's love collecting sea glass. Now, tourist do it as part of there trip to Maine, getting an authentic souvenir. As a Mainer, I like collecting because it's pretty, fun to make crafts with, and the mystery behind it. Finding that tiny piece for sea glass makes me think about the person that put the bottle in the water. Like who were they? Where did they do it? Where is the rest of the bottle? How far did it travel to get to this beach? And, when you find a rare blue or red piece of sea glass, it's like a tiny victory! Website has put together a list of the best beaches in Maine to find see glass.

Here are the 5 Best Beaches in Maine to find sea glass: 


5. Spring Point Beach, South Portland 


4.  Sea Glass Beach, Great Diamond Island 


3. Sand Beach, Acadia National Park


2. Pebble Beach, Monhegan Island


1. Mowrey Beach, Lubec

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