May as well opt for full transparency here: this writer is not vegetarian and can't relate to the struggles that present themselves for those who are, especially when it comes to grabbing a bite out.

What is clear, however, is that it isn't fun to be the one to chimes in as your friends are making dinner plans, asking about vegetarian options. Sure, at most restaurants you're probably bound to find some sort of dish without any meat in it, but if you're dining at, let's say, a Texas Roadhouse, you may have a harder time.

That said, there is a saving grace preventing vegetarian folks for having to resort to a boring salad at your typical establishment, and that is vegetarian restaurants. Not only do these places have an assortment of tasty offerings for those who don't eat meat, but those who do can still enjoy these savory dishes just as much as those that have your typical serving of chicken, beef, or other type of protein.

But where are these restaurants located in the Granite State? After taking to Facebook to ask, we've compiled this list of 10 of the best vegetarian restaurants in New Hampshire, as recommended by you. Some of these places are exclusively vegetarian or vegan, while others were recommended for the delicious vegetarian options on their menus. Either way, you sure as heck won't be eating a plain ol' salad (unless that floats your boat, in which case have at it).

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