Living in New England I've seen my fair share of wildlife in the road or not far from the road. I've seen plenty of deer, one even decided to run into my car once. You read that right, she hit me! I've seen opossums, raccoons, turkeys galore, and even a moose or two. One thing I haven't seen, and honestly am grateful for are bears.

Black Bears in New Hampshire

Black Bears are the only type of bear you will encounter in The Granite State. According to New Hampshire Fish and Game bears in more populated areas tend to be more active at night. Male black bears can wander up to 120 square miles while females stick to a 10 square mile radius.

Momma bears start breeding between three and five years of age and then every other year typically in January or February. Then her babies will stick close by until the following spring.

Warren Spotting

While driving home in Warren, New Hampshire on the evening of May 2nd, Kiley Egan had a sharp eye and spotted the tiniest bear cubs crossing the road to their mother.

Considering black bear breeding habits it's likely that they are only a few months old at most.

Mama bear was waiting patiently at the other side of the road by the guard rail.

With tens of thousands of views, this sweet bear family has certainly gone viral.

It should go without saying, but people can be dumb, don't get close to bears. Even the tiniest cutest cubs you've ever seen. Mama is likely nearby and she won't hesitate to rip your face off if she deems you a threat to her babies.

New Hampshire Fish and Game recommend that those in areas where bears call home, remove backyard bird feeders April 1st through December 1st to prevent bear visits. Also, secure the trash cans, keep the BBQ grill clean, and keep pet food indoors.

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