New year, new laws, and 2021 is no different.

According to a report from the Concord Monitor, here are the laws that go in to effect this month:

Sexual assault has been expanded to include sexual contact between school employees and students between the ages of 13 and 18.

The report also says that health insurance plans in NH are now required to cover epi-pens. That's good!

Police officers in NH now have to report instances of misconduct that they see by their fellow officers, according to the Monitor. The cops that I know would do that anyway.  They didn't need a law to tell them to do so, but now, it's law.

If you're a commercial truck driver drunk behind the wheel here in NH and you're caught, it's automatic jail time.  Breaker Breaker one nine... (what's code for "I need bail?")

The one that I am most excited about is that people on Medicaid must be offered the choice to receive their health care in a "less restrictive" setting if those services are available.  Meaning, you don't HAVE to go in to a county nursing home if at-home services are available and you'd rather stay there.  AND, there is no longer a restriction on how much the county can spend on them.

Voting was a little different in 2020 to say the least.  Well, hope you enjoyed it because it's going away.

Widespread absentee voting this fall is coming to an end, including an expansion of who is eligible to vote absentee.

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