Occasionally, there are crimes committed in Maine that are so blatantly ridiculous that you almost can't believe it actually happened. For instance, someone being so desperate for a valid inspection sticker that they would go to the lengths of scouting out someone's vehicle in their own driveway and then cutting the inspection sticker out of their windshield right on the spot. If that sounds fictional, think again. A person in Gardiner is dealing with that reality.

Shared on Facebook by Kathy Chadwick, take a look at what a thief boldly executed while the vehicle was parked in the driveway during the overnight hours. The thief was clearly targeting the Maine inspection sticker applied inside the corner of the windshield. Unfortunately for that thief, Chadwick states in the comments in the post that there was only one month remaining on that sticker.

This isn't the first time we've seen this exact type of crime committed in Maine. On a car dealership lot earlier this year, multiple cars were hit during the overnight hours where the thief or thieves cut fresh inspection stickers out of the windshields of cars on the lot. But cutting one out while the car is in someone's driveway? That is especially audacious.

There's a lot to be puzzled and frustrated about when it comes to this crime. As a state, we have to wonder if the inspection sticker process needs to be overhauled considering it's leading people to commit daring crimes like this to presumably keep cars that can't legally pass inspection on the road.

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