When you own a pickup, you can often be found moving friends. Or, helping with various weekend projects. Last weekend, three men in Lebanon, Maine allegedly took this concept to a new, illegal level.

According to WCSH6, Police arrested Matthew Thompson of Lebanon, Timothy James of Pembroke, N.H. and Robert Breton of Milton, N.H. on Sunday, May 20. Police were alerted by a citizen that the men were taking the shed off a foreclosed property on Pork Street. Police eventually caught up with them on Heath Road. At the time of the stop, half the road was blocked by a huge piece of evidence: The shed, which was tied to the back of a truck.

The three were arrested, and taken to York County Jail, where their bail was set at $5,000.

Also, while conducting a search, officers said they found Thompson had crystal meth along with prescription pills on him without a prescription.



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