We ate a LOT of hot dogs this 4th of July.  My husband is a big fan of the things, even though they are not very healthy for you.  Yesterday, we decided to pick the one that we liked best.

We chose three kinds at the grocery store: Kayem, Hebrew National and Ball Park Franks.

First, the old stand by - Hebrew National.  You can get the skinny, bun size dogs, which is the kind that we like, so they were a big hit.  We were used to them, so they got a big thumbs up.

Next - Ball Park Franks.  Not exactly what I remember getting at Fenway, but they were decent and we were happy they didn't cost 10.00 a piece.  (I'm guessing at the price at Fenway)

Lastly, Kayem Franks.  An unexpected win with Kayem Franks!  They are the ones with the snappy skins and with a little mustard, ketchup and relish, it's the taste that said:  IT'S SUMMER TIME!  Highly recommended and the overall winner for us.

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