Derry, Maine, is most famously known for being home to a terrifying creature/clown named Pennywise. Even though Derry is not a real town in Maine, it has become famous all thanks to the Maine horror writer, Stephen King.

When you think of Derry, Maine, I am sure the first thing that pops into your head is the book or movie, "It," but did you know that there are many other Stephen King stories that take place in this fictional Maine town?

According to Maine Public, Derry, ME, has been in no less than 24 of the horror author's works. Yes, "It" mainly takes place in this town, but again so do many others such as "Insomnia," "Bag of Bones," and "The Road Virus Heads North," just to name a few.

Some of King's other novels and short stories also reference the fictional town. A few of the stories that you may hear references to the town are "Secret Window, Secret Garden," "The Bird and the Album," and "Gerald's Game."

Well, since there is a lot that seems to go down in this town, many people have tried to make a map of Derry.

Well, I found one that may be the biggest and ultimate map of the town!

Stephen King (SK) Tours of Maine posted on Facebook a picture of their gigantic map of the fictional town that they plan to mark up to locate exactly where each of King's novels took place.

Honestly, the fictional town is a thinly disguised version of Bangor, which honestly makes sense. If you did not already know, Bangor, Maine, is actually where Stephen King lived for decades.

Speaking about Derry, fans of "It" will soon be able to travel back to Derry soon with a new HBO Max show that is in the works. It is called, "Welcome to Derry," and it will be a prequel to the movies. Interested in learning more? You can find out all that we know about the upcoming show here.

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