This 118 Central Ave Dover, NH location of CVS has been my 'go to' for so many things for so many years, going back to when it was a CARE Pharmacy. Did you know they're moving out?

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Train Images

I had no clue that they'll be moving out this July until I saw the notice inside the store today.

For those of you like me that have become quite attached to this building over the past few decades, there is good news. They're only moving about a mile and a quarter away to a brand new facility in the hustling and bustling business scene of Silver Street.

Utilizing what I like to call 'New England GPS', which is a global positioning system that's dependent upon only Dunkin' locations, this new CVS will be in the area behind the Dunks on the Woodman Park Rotary.

And for those of you under the age of 30, it will be on Sterling Way.

Even though it's just an extra 4 minutes to cruise to, I'm going to miss having them just within arms reach of the Shark studios.

Whenever I needed a last minute birthday card or an emergency gigantic Reese's Crispy Crunchy Bar, I was all set in two minutes.

Also their pharmacy and photo services have been a huge help to us here in a pinch and everyone there has been so friendly in that building, be they Care or CVS.

I'm sure everything will be just as great at the new place, but I'll always miss 118 Central.

I also never realized that CVS stood for Consumer Value Stores AND they were founded just down the road in Lowell, MA back in 1963.

With nearly 10,000 stores, they're an iconic New England brand!

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