These amazing pictures of Lake Solitude provide some insight into just how long it takes for leaves to make a full color change.

Take a look around; we are in the prime of New Hampshire's fall foliage season and one of the greatest foliage scenes in the granite state would be atop Mount Sunapee looking down on Lake Solitude.

We all know leaves make complete color transformations from late August through November, but have you ever wondered how long it takes to go from one color to the next?

The following pictures of Lake Solitude were posted to Instagram only four days apart.

October 5th

October 9th

In the first picture there are a lot of reds, and darker leaves, and in the second picture we see a much lighter color with lots of yellows and oranges. It only took four short days for an awesome color transformation. I'm not leaf peeper but I'd say that's pretty cool!

Next time you're driving along Rt. 16, or 93 North, don't blink, or you might miss a color change.

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