Portland, Maine, has so many unique restaurants downtown that it comes as no surprise this specific one on Silver Street was named one of the top date night spots in Portland, Maine.

Take her here, she'll say "I love you" by the end of the week, right?

According to yelp.com, The North Point joins a list of 10 others as the most romantic. What do you think?

If you've ever been here before, you'd know how intimate this cute little place is from the dim lighting, all the way down to the tiny tables you'll be seated at.

If you're looking for a very intimate setting where you'll have no choice but to touch your date's arm while you're there (since the tables are so small), look no further.

The cocktails are absolutely phenomenal, and I'm unsure how a bartender figures out how to romanticize a martini, but they've done the impossible.

Who ends a date night without an espresso martini? Nobody. You're absolutely right. If it's made really well, I also happen to know (as an espresso-loving chick) that your chances of getting a second date will heighten.

They've also got some great happy hour specials as you can see from the gram post above that I just now found out about. We love a good date night where you can grab some small bites over a cocktail to find out if you like each other HAHA kidding. Kind of.

Girls love a good cooch board. The North Point's charcuterie board has a perfectly done egg I've never seen before. Freaking cool guys. Yet another way to her heart, salami.

Look at this:

Sidenote; If you're claustrophobic, this is your warning not to even try walking through these doors hehe.

Yelp also lists some other hot spots like Street & Co and even The Knotted Apron if you were wondering. You can check out their full list here.

Where do you think is the most romantic restaurant in Portland? Or how about all of Maine?

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