Today is National Burrito Day!

We took a poll of Shark Nation on the air and on Facebook this morning and Las Olas in Exeter got rave reviews for the best burrito.  The Shark Morning Show with Sarah and A-Train agree.  They have wicked yummy food.

There are many places that we didn't mention, but are worth the trip such as "Dos Amigos" in Dover.  They have several locations, but we tend to go to the one on Central Avenue because the station is not far from there.  I prefer their wrap-less sweet-potato bowl.  It's not a classic burrito, BUT, it is the most yummy, in my opinion.  I could eat one of those every day.

We eat burritos in my house at least once a week.  You can get so creative with what you put inside of a flour tortilla.  (or corn or whatever you prefer)  My husband is a big fan of a chicken, veggie, lots of guac burrito, while my step-son loves just the rice and beans burrito.

Whatever you prefer, enjoy National Burrito Day with your favorite Margarita!

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