A website called 24/7 Wall Street highlighted the weirdest job in every state. For example: a gum buster, duck master, or face feeler.

Some of these just sound made up! But they are very much real.

This list opened my eyes to my dream job (literally) which exists in Minnesota: a professional sleeper. Yes!

This is a person who tests pillows, blankets and mattresses. SIGN. ME. UP.

If you live in Florida you could be a scuba diver pizza delivery person. Does this mean you deliver pizza under water? Doesn't the crust get soggy? I have so many questions!

The weirdest job in New Hampshire is an...wait for it...

Ash Artist

If you don't know what that is, you are not alone. An ash artist can take a loved ones ashes and turn it into a memorializing work of art, such as jewelry!

Terrapin Glassblowing Studio in Jaffrey, New Hampshire specializes in glass memorials. I am familiar with this concept because one time at a station event I complimented a listener on her necklace. She shared with me that it holds the ashes of her father who had recently passed.

Do you know anyone who works as an ash artist? What about someone who owns a piece commemorative ash art?

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