Augie's Amazing Adventures:  Episode 1

Bryan Killough is well known musician here on the NH Seacoast.  He is also the father of several beautiful children.  Bryan and his family live in Lee, NH.

Their last child, Augie, was born with Down Syndrome.  I remember before I knew that Bryan was going to have a Down baby, I commented on his Facebook post about what a gift it is to be a parent of someone with Down Syndrome.  Is it challenging?  Yes.  Is it rewarding?  More than you know.  Mostly, you will learn more from people with DS than any other teacher in your life about life and love.  So, to find out that our friend Bryan was having a DS baby, I was thrilled.

Augie has been learning to walk and this video that Bryan posted on his Facebook page just made me laugh and couldn't we all use a little bit of that!

Although I love this video, this one is my favorite of Augie's so far:

That face!! Can you stand it?!! "No ... More..... glasses...."

I am so impressed with Bryan's parenting. I'm sure his wife and other children are involved with the care of Augie as he grows and I am looking forward to more adventures!

If you want to subscribe to Bryan's YouTube page, I would highly recommend it. It's uplifting, positive and full of love. Who couldn't use that these days! Just click here and you'll be good to go!

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