It seems pretty silly to be scared of a vegetable. But as it turns out, you actually have pretty good reason to be concerned if you smell cucumbers in your home. That musky rotten smell that reminds you of innocent salad filler could actually be a sign that your home is infested with venomous reptiles such as copperheads and rattlesnakes!

So, it seems New England sports fans of a certain era owe one of our heroes an apology.

Long after he debuted in 1990 at the Hartford Civic Center in Connecticut on his way to a 30-year Hall of Fame career, WWE Superstar Mark Calaway – known to most as The Undertaker – became infamous for his deathly fear of…cucumbers.

In an interview in 2013, The Undertaker’s longtime manager, Paul Bearer, revealed that the Dead Man “cannot stand” cucumbers. In fact, Bearer even talks about stopping at restaurants along the road and waiting for his intimidating protégé to use the restroom before sneaking a cucumber into his food or drink. Bearer also notes one instance where The Undertaker became ill just by looking at a cucumber.

Now retired, The Undertaker has become more open with his real-life likes and dislikes, and took time to clear the air on his supposed kryptonite.

In 2020, he told Barstool Sports he’s not “scared” of cucumbers, he just doesn’t “like” them. Sure, Undertaker.

But what’s interesting about all this is how it ties into the topic at hand – the bizarre relationship between cucumbers and snakes. In 1992, sensing The Undertaker’s growing popularity, McMahon decided to turn him babyface (make him a good guy instead of a villain). The first bad guy he feuded with? Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

It turns out that The Undertaker was right all along. If you smell cucumbers in your home, call animal control…so you’re able to rest…in peace.

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