How is the juggling of life going for you?  I hear you when it comes to time.  Finding it is hard to come by while utilizing it in the absolute best way we can.  I mean, we're talking work, family, and our personal time for health and wellbeing. It's all a balancing act in itself.

Education is included in this balancing act for so many, especially since the pandemic started.  This is why Northern Essex Community College says that this Spring 2022, it is bringing back its accelerated, eight-week classes.

Northern Essex Community College Via Website
Northern Essex Community College Via Website

Dean of Enrollment Donna Bertolino says that most of these accelerated classes are online, too.

Spring Session II offers an exciting opportunity for students who want to continue with their educational goals while prioritizing their work, family and academics. Most courses are offered online, providing flexibility outside of a traditional in-person classroom setting.

Of course all of these classes are in-person, as well.  Northern Essex Community College in Massachusetts has campuses in both Haverhill and Lawrence. These spring accelerated classes start on Monday, March 21.

The Northern Essex Community College website says these 36 accelerated classes range from one to four credits each.

The decision to add more online courses is a direct result of lessons learned through the pandemic.  Northern Essex is keenly aware that student course-taking has changed over the past two years and some of those trends will likely continue.

These courses are in a variety of disciplines in business, science, public health, computer science, liberal arts, criminal justice, and engineering.

For more information, you can call 978 556-3700, email or click here for the list of classes.

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