They call him Pickles for short.


But his full name is...drum roll, please.

Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer

Kelli Hoover Facebook
Kelli Hoover Facebook

Pickles with mom Kelli Hoover in Gardner could win Nationwide Pet Insurance's annual Wacky Pet Name contest. Voting happens through Saturday, April 9.

So, how did Pickles get the name Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer? According to her story on the Nationwide voting page, it's because Kelli saw an ad for a cat named Pickles and loved that name. But when she got the new kitty, Pickles seemed like an incomplete name. So they added McButterpants. McButterpants could be MY nickname since I always seem to have butter on my pants.


Sooooo, where does the muffin slayer part come from? According to Kelli,

...we were eating muffins, he went crazy over them and wouldn’t leave us alone. That is how he got the title of the Muffin Slayer.

Kelli says that Pickles can be a bit of a brat to his cat sisters, but that he's a pretty sweet boy. Who's Pickle's best friend? The family dog Zoey, who seems 'unsure she's a dog.'

Kelli Hoover Facebook
Kelli Hoover Facebook


Help make Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer the winner of Nationwide's contest of wacky pet names! It's such a great name! He could be featured in a magazine spread, get lots of treats and obvious bragging rights.

I'm no pet prize genius, but if Pickles should pull this win off, I would say a muffin is in his future.

You can only vote for one dog (yes, there are dogs with wacky names like Motley Chew and Porkfrog) and one cat per day. But let's just focus on our little Maine dude with the wacky name!

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