This had better not affect the Granny Smith apples because those are the only ones that matter.


How do you like these apples? Well, I think we would like them a lot more if they were a little bigger.

The lack of rain and ridiculously hot weather we have been experiencing in New Hampshire is making our apples shrink, according to The Union Leader. The president of the Fruit Growers Association, Tyler Hardy of Brookdale Fruit Farm Inc. in Hollis, said that the trees are getting "stressed out."

Looks like this year's apple crop will only be 60-70 percent of the usual yield, which is bad news if you like big juicy apples.

The drought isn't the only factor for these shrinking fruits. A chilly spring season has also given farmers some serious headaches when it comes to their crops.

There looks to be no rain in sight, so lower your expectations for those apple pies and cobblers this year. This might be the noble pear's time to shine and take the spotlight from everyone's favorite fruit.

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