And finally, my 6 week soda spotlight series concludes with my absolute favorite all time top of the 'pop' charts. And wouldn't you know? It's a New England native!

Train Images
Train Images

My six pack of independent sodas that I purchased from Runnings in Claremont, NH is now empty. But this grand finale from Bristol, Rhode Island is without a doubt THE BEST in the bunch.

The thing that really stood out is the tremendous strength of the carbonation in this beverage. Just a wonderful old school fizz that brings me back to my youth. Lately it seems like soda just isn't as bubbly as it once was, but this is not the case with Empire.

On their own review, it states that this soda a 'subtle ginger ale'.

I disagree. It has a strong genuine ginger flavor that establishes itself just after the blast of bubbles subside. A true King! Love Live The King!

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