My good friend Adam got married over the weekend in Connecticut to his girlfriend, the beautiful Alicia.  Adam bawled like a baby when he saw his bride because he's sensitive like that.


Not only are they beautiful on the outside, but they are on the inside too.  They asked ME to officiate the wedding, so it was not just another wedding for me.  David and I decided to make a weekend of it and we booked a fancy place to stay, the Inn at Woodstock Hill Bed and Breakfast.  Wowzers, was this a beautiful place or what?!

The Inn was literally featured in a Hallmark Movie, "One Royal Holiday," starring Broadway actors that you've never heard of.  The movie looks charming and SOOOO sappy.  Right up my alley.

Sully Snaps
Sully Snaps

The Hallmark Channel has Christmas in July programming, so lucky for you AND me, we can watch it sooner than the holidays!

You have to check out the pictures below of the Inn at Woodstock.  These are the ones that I took with my iPhone, so they don't do the place justice.  It's really lovely.

One funny thing that happened to us was on Saturday when we were on our way out to check out the Tag Sales.  A group of women was gathered in a room to themselves and there was food set out, buffet-style for them.  They were all young, beautiful, and had on their very best outfits.  It looked like a sorority get-together.  Part of me flashbacked to college when I decided NOT to join a sorority because I liked hanging around the guys in the frats, but that's a story for another day.  The other half of me longed to join them in their mimosa-drinking, pinky-raising, croissant-eating festivities.  Normally, I would have invited myself, but I was wearing my favorite t-shirt (Bob Ross wearing headphones) and yoga pants, so I decided not to barge in.

Enjoy the pictures and if you ever get a chance to visit the Inn, I highly recommend it.  We stayed in room 317 so we could hop from one bed to the next, but that's far too much information for you to know about.

Oh, one more thing before you check out the pictures.  My friend Adam is the proprietor of Chubby Dog Coffee Company in Putnam, Connecticut and if I ended this article without giving him a proper plug, he'd never let me forget it even though I made his wedding day the most special ever by reciting the Rules of being a Power Ranger.  You're welcome, Adam.  So, yes, when you are in the area, please stop by Chubby Dog.  OR, you can order his coffee online here.

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