It doesn't matter what kind of animal or pet it is, whether it's because the pet is elderly, handicapped, injured, or disabled, Walkin' Pets did it again, and this will just melt your heart. Below you'll find a few quick Instagram videos that will restore any frustration you have in humanity.

First of all, meet Kewpie, this absolutely heart-melting Opossum who suffered major trauma after it was attacked by a cat.

According the the Walkin' Pets website, Kewpie was rescued by a wildlife center in Kentucky, stranded up in a tree.  Kewpie was missing his right eye, had severe neck injuries, and major blood loss.  He's the latest animal helped by Walkin' Pets, based in Amherst, New Hampshire.

Because Kewpie can't survive in the wild, he's a permanent pet with the non-profit Wilderness Trail Wildlife Center in Kentucky.  A few months ago, this sweet and docile pet started having issues walking, and that's where New Hampshire's Walkin' Pets Care Squad came to the rescue, building a tiny, customized wheel chair for Kewpie.

The Walkin’ Pets Care Squad was formed to help support rescues in their work, especially with the harder to adopt dogs, to raise awareness of the adoptability of disabled and aging pets, and to facilitate adoptions in any way we can.


And the inspirational stories never end, whether Walkin' Pets is helping a non-profit with their rescues, or families are buying devices like wheelchairs for their own pets.

There was a day when injured pets were "no good anymore", when an animal was hurt, became lame or incontinent, or was for any reason no longer wanted and put down.  Not anymore.


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