Police say, for the third time in 12 months, a motorist has damaged the Dingleton Hill Covered Bridge in Cornish.

As you can see, the bridge is clearly marked as to what it is, what it's drawbacks are and how much it can carry.  So, how does this bridge get damaged so frequently?  By people who aren't paying attention.  But, read how much detail is available on the latest person (s) to damage it:

Witnesses describe a full-size white pickup truck, described as having landscaping company markings on the side, towing a trailer with a generator type item and several large tall pieces of wood that went through the Dingleton Hill Covered Bridge around 1:30 p.m.


What's the first thing you notice about this picture? The bridge is made of wood.  It can be damaged easily if you don't pay attention.

If your radio isn't turned up to ear-splitting levels then chances are you would hear your vehicle breaking and splintering wood as you emerged from the bridge Mister full sized, white pickup truck with landscaping business information printed on the sides of your truck, right?

It's a fun little journey through this piece of history, but you really have to be careful when you pass through. You need to know if your WORK TRUCK  hauling a trailer will damage this wonder of mankind, and if you DO damage it, you have to report it.