Merrimack, New Hampshire, Ice Cream Shop Raises Prices

Anyone who grew up in Merrimack or Nashua, New Hampshire, knows King Kone on "the old Route 3."  They have been serving soft serve ice cream in a variety of flavors for decades at a really great price.  Even though prices have gone up, it's still worth it for the amount of ice cream you get, and for me, the memories that come flooding back every time I'm there.

Facebook/King Kone
Facebook/King Kone

When I checked in by phone (how retro), I asked how much each cone was, and this is what they told me on the phone:

  • Small cone:  $5.95
  • Medium cone:  $7.85
  • Large cone:  $9.95

I didn't ask about the kiddie cone, because I would never order a kiddie size, so I wasn't even thinking about it.  Even when I was a "kiddie," it's ice cream we're talking about here, so go big or go home.  The prices are definitely higher than they used to be, but inflation is hitting everywhere.  For me, it's worth it.  King Kone is an institution and tradition for my family.

The Large Cone is Huge

My mother loved ice cream.  I mean, loved it.  Soft serve at King Kone was her favorite, especially with the chocolate dip.  We went every year on the day that it opened.  Back when people actually had calendars in their house, we would make a big X for each day that passed leading up to opening day.  I can remember that my sisters and I would order mediums.  We would try to finish our cones, but the only one to ever finish was my mom, and she went for the large.  Now that she has passed away, I still go to King Kone, order a large, and try to finish it.

Where is your favorite ice cream shop?

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