They look weird, sound even weirder and during mating season they get downright bizarre. And yes Granite Staters, there may be a few right in your backyard.

Timber Doodle

It's official name is the American Woodcock but I think their nickname suits them perfectly.

They migrate back into New England around this time and announce their presence with authority with a strange 'peent' sound. It's like a cross between a duck's quack and a cricket's chirp.

I've heard a strong 'peent' sound every morning for the past week right out back of The Shark studios here in Dover.

The real treat from these avian weirdos comes around dusk when the males unleash their mighty 'sky dance' in an effort to impress the females.

The doodles will fly straight up into the air until they're almost out of sight, their little wings are going so fast that they make yet another strange warbling noise.

Check it out at 1:45 above.

If you've never seen this showboating oddball of the bird world, you're really missing out. Listen for the 'peent' to locate their grounds and then watch any marshland or field around dusk for them to put on quite a performance.

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