While on the 5th tee box yesterday at a well known Seacoast NH Country Club, an intensely human experience quickly turned into a most luxurious discovery.


Cocheco Country Club - Men's Locker Room

I never envisioned that I'd wind up writing a restroom review when I showed up at the Wentworth Douglas Charity Classic yesterday, but life has a way of surprising you.

After being quickly whisked away in a golf cart to the clubhouse by my scramble teammate and makeshift chauffer, I opened an unmarked door just past the pro shop.

A brisk walk down the hall and the sign with the glorious message 'Men's Locker Room' greeted me on the right. I was astounded by the comfort and splendor that was on the other side of that door.

The stalls were truly private. It felt as if I was inside a high security vault with solid walls that enclosed you, ceiling to floor, on three sides and an equally sturdy door that locked with an authoritative clunk.

The sinks were of the highest quality and they were well equipped with the finest of complimentary products.

I was in a hurry to get back out on the course so I quickly washed my hands without touching any of them, since I wasn't sure I was even supposed to be there in the first place, I figured I'd leave the lotions and free sunscreen alone.

Moments later, reality sank back in as I walked back outside into the pouring rain with only a fleeting memory of the opulence I encountered.

I just checked their website this very moment and I'm amazed to see that they don't even mention how terrific their locker rooms are? What a shame!

If the web designer would like to link this review, I'm giving 100% permission to do so. Best restroom ever!

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