I was able to run downstairs, grab the camera and shoot some video before the owl flew off, not easily done. Got some great shots!

I believe this happened around this same time last year. My wife and I were upstairs when she heard something splash into our pool. We ran to the window and saw an owl struggling to get out of the water. I waited for a couple of seconds before bolting downstairs to help it, then my wife yelled down to me that the owl was out and ok, so, I snagged the camera and got outside.



I was breathing rather heavily, but was able to sneak to the back of the house without spooking the owl. I kept my distance and was able to capture some footage. The video is quite shaky, like I said, I was out of breath and I was zoomed in close, so I didn't bother posting that, but I got some spectacular stills!

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