Congratulations to Exeter, NH!

According to a new blog by the travel site Cheapism on the most under rated town in each of the 50 states, Exeter was named that place in the Granite State.

The writer in the article notes how well Exeter perfectly encapsulates everything NH has to offer from small town charm to local culture, restaurants, bars and shops and affordability. As the center point town between Manch, the Seacoast and the State Capitol, this really makes sense!

How about you? What is the coolest town in NH that is totally underrated and never thought of enough?

By the way, the article also listed Deerfield, Massachusetts, and Damariscotta, Maine as underrated for their respective states.

Also, our radio show created a parody song for Exeter's selection to the tune of the old "SpiderMan" cartoon show:
"Exeter. Exeter. kinda like Durham, but park your car, you'll pay alot, if Dover is where you are! Portsmouth NAH, Sam Summer in Exet-aaarrr...Exeter Exeter where the people aren't mean and the trees are green...who needs a beach, town's a peach!"

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