This story will warm your heart and inspire you to live better.  Or maybe just get to the gym more often.  I love this guy and I love this story.  Everyone should live their life as fearlessly as Alec Liberman.

From a WMUR report, Alec noticed from his houseboat on the Piscataqua River that a raccoon got stuck on a pylon.  It just kept walking back and forth trying to find a way down, so, Alec decided he was going to rescue the raccoon.  He ran to Home Depot, got a rope and knew he could climb down the bridge in order to rescue the little critter.  He then went to knock on his neighbors door for some help.

From the WMUR report, he said to his neighbor,

Hey, I wanna climb down the side of the bridge and go get a raccoon in a bag.

What?!  I can only imagine the look on his neighbor's face.

Alec took the rope and climbed down the side of the bridge so he could rescue the raccoon in a bag and climbed back up.


Yup.  Alec took the rope, climbed down the side of the bridge, put the raccoon in a bag and climbed back up.  True statement that is worth repeating.

So, here's a little more about Alec.  He is, no surprise here, a Marine.  Now retired, Alec did two tours in Afghanistan and now owns a gym in Portsmouth, On Target Fitness.  Of COURSE he rescued the raccoon!

What an inspiration.  I LOVE MARINES!  They are such fear-less bad-ass people who live their life to the fullest.  They know that you only get one chance at this life, so LIVE IT BABY, LIVE IT!  And, in your spare time, rescue some helpless animals.

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