I drive to work in the dark every morning when there are very few cars on the road.  I am usually acutely aware of animals that may pop out in front of me, especially deer.  Truth be known, I've hit more than I'd like to admit here.  I will admit, however, that I don't usually think of Moose, but after watching this video, I may not ever get behind the wheel at night again.

Check this video from News Center Maine from a driver who had a dashboard cam and was able to film the exact moment of impact with a moose in the road.  Before you do, however, I will warn you - this video, in my opinion is shocking at how little the driver sees the moose before impact.  Okay, you ready?  Here it is.

Shocking, right?  How scary is that?

You can see headlights coming from the other side of the road too.  I wonder if THAT driver even saw the moose in the road.  That driver had ZERO chance not to hit that thing.  I am so glad that the driver of the vehicle, Dale Mottram of Twin Mountain, wasn't seriously hurt.

Be careful out there.

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