Billy Joel hits the charts for the first time, Mick and Keith meet Brian, and oh yeah, a group called the Beatles called it quits.

April 6th 1974- Billy Joel's 'Piano Man' is the first in a string of Top Forty hits that numbers 33 to date.

April 7th 1962- Mick Jagger and Keith Richards meet Brian Jones for the first time at a jazz club.

April 8th 1967- John Lennon has his Rolls Royce painted in psychedelic colors.

April 9th 1983- David Bowie's 'Let's Dance' hits #1, featuring a little known guitar player named Stevie Ray Vaughn.

April 10th 1970- Paul McCartney issues a press statement announcing the Beatles had split. When asked by a reporter to comment, John Lennon reportedly said " Paul hasn't left, I sacked him"

That is a typical John Lennon quote!



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