If you haven't done it yet, you can finally experience this Maine winter tradition with that buddy that keeps saying you should go. This weekend is the time that just about anyone can try ice fishing for free. If you're a beginner or you only get out a couple times a year, this might be a great way to get out there and have some winter fun somewhere beautiful.

Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says folks can fish on February 13 and 14 without a license. As long as you don't have a suspended or revoked license, your good to go.  The website points out that "all other laws and regulations apply on these days."

Maybe you have cherished memories of of growing up and going ice fishing with your Dad. Or perhaps you're one of the faithful that still makes it a yearly thing you do with family and friends trying to get that flag to move.

You could also be just like me. I'm one of those rarities that lived in Maine all my life and has never gone ice fishing. Watching this video has got me all pumped up to join in the fun of this longtime Maine winter tradition. I've got a feeling it'll do the same for you.

Jeremy Grant is a talented photographer and videographer from the Belfast area.
Last season, he posted this 3 minute video bringing all the excitement of good times with friends at the 2020 Sabattus Ice Fishing Derby. It should get you all kinds of pumped up for this free weekend coming up.

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