Hopefully your power and cable will remain on as the heavy winds from Winter Storm Orson blast the Shark listening area. Because the ultimate dog show is on tonight!

Here are the three newest breeds to look out for at Madison Square Garden!

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The American Hairless Terrier

Honestly, I expected this breed to look like something out of a horror movie but they are adorable! They are a variant of a rat terrier and will not be on television until Tuesday night when the terrier group is judged.

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The Sloughi

You won't have to wait long to see the Sloughi! Right out of the gate tonight at 8pm they will 'Release The Hounds' and you will catch the debut of this beautiful North African sighthound.

Gary Gershoff

The Pumi

Last but not least, this Hungarian terrier is known for being 'lively' and 'vocal'. I like dogs that misbehave at this formal event and usually they become favorites of the equally rough and tough New York crowd.

Since it's a terrier, the Pumi will not be televised until Tuesday night.

I would NEVER write an article about Westminster without adding in the Las Vegas odds. The German Shepherd is a 4-1 favorite for Best In Show. For the complete list of dogs and their odds on winning, take a look at this!

On a personal note, I will be rooting for the Newfoundland at 100-1. BIG DOGS RULE!