As I continue to review the six pack of slightly strange sodas that I found at Runnings in Claremont NH, here's another one that 'popped' off the national radar in the late 1970's. Bubble Up.

Train Images
Train Images

For some reason I DO NOT remember this Lemon Lime soda at all. It originated in the Midwest around 100 years ago and was nationally distributed by Coca-Cola before they made the full commitment to Sprite around 1978.

This 'Throwback' commercial for 'BU' is hilarious because it features a young David Caruso who squeaks out a high pitched 'It's good!'


It's truly a lighter yet sweeter soda than its counterparts 7UP and Sprite.

The best way to describe it is that it tastes similar to Lemon Lime Slice, but with the dominant flavor being that of a lime Pop Ice.

If I could find it around here I would definitely add it to my soda rotation.

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