Tom Brady's heralded return to Gillette Stadium happens October 3rd and unless you're a season ticket holder or a millionaire, you might want to keep away from the ridiculous ticket price that they're asking you to pay.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS New England Patriots October 3rd, 8:20pm

Price Range for ONE Ticket $1,113 - $7,754

There are some interesting perspectives that accompany these exorbitant prices.

In fact, the perspective you'll have from the $1,113 ticket may not even include a view of the field. It's so far up and back, if there is rain in the forecast, your head could literally be in a cloud.

I had a buddy that spent a small fortune on the divisional playoff back on January 5th 1997 when the Pats beat Pittsburgh in 'The Fog Bowl' and he couldn't see the field. This was the old Foxboro Stadium mind you, but I think his seat was a lot closer than the proximity of this October's $1,113 ticket.

What's interesting about the $7,754 ticket, is that the location is on THE VISITOR'S SIDELINE!

The identical seat on the New England side of the 50 yard line section, comes with a $700 discount.

I can't help but equate that with the total number of Super Bowl rings that Brady has, you're conceivably paying an extra hundred dollars for every championship TB12 has won.

Clearly a bargain at twice the price.

Since I have only attended two New England Patriots games my entire life at the cost of zero dollars, I think I'll keep that cheapo streak alive and enjoy this historic matchup from the comfort of my couch.

That couch by the way, is also worth way less than $1,113.

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