The time has come. We've got our ugly couch contest photo entries. Now we need you to help us pick the ugliest couch!

Take a look at these seven photos of ugly couches, and then scroll down to the bottom of this post to select the one you think is the ugliest. The person whose couch photo gets the most votes will win a brand new power recliner from Green Mountain Furniture, PLUS get front row seats to Mike McDonald’s Comedy Extravaganza on Feb. 9 at the Music Hall in Portsmouth.

Denise Bean's Couch

Denise Bean

Suzy Lerardi's Couch

Suzy Lerardi

Cheyane Milano's Couch

Cheyane Milano

Paul O'Connor's Couch

Paul O'Connor

Kelly O'Regan's Couch

Kelly O'Regan

Shawna Smith's Couch

Shawna Smith

Kelly Weir's Couch

Kelly Weir

Vote for the ugliest couch now: