According to the New England Board of Higher Education (and no, I don’t mean your dorm at UVM), there are more than 250 colleges and universities in New England.

But in case you’re new to the region, have a child going off to school, or just want to reminisce about your own glory days, here are Eight Great Do’s and Don’ts for Going to College in New England.

Take a look:

Do: Brag about going to Harvard.
Don’t: Be surprised when I say, “Oh wow – same school as The Unabomber!”

Do: Cheer on the UConn Women’s Basketball team.
Don’t: Get too excited when they beat the Knicks.

Do: Visit UNH and hang out at the MUB.
Don’t: Snub your hub at the pub to grab some grub at the MUB with a scrub with tickets to Culture Club from StubHub.

Do: Go to a show at Emerson’s Colonial Theater and see a performance of “Six: The Musical.”
Don’t: Go to the Boston Common after dark and see a performance of “Sex: The Musical.”

Do: Make the most of your five years at Northeastern.
Don’t: Use Northeastern as an excuse when you’re in your ninth year at Plymouth State.

Do: Take a factory tour at Ben & Jerry’s in Vermont and sample some Chunky Monkey.
Don’t: Ask for a side of Pox.

Don’t: Try to drive a tall U-Haul under an overpass on Storrow Drive in Boston.
Do: Take a picture of everyone who does and gets stuck.

Do: Save money on Ubers and gas by getting on the T.
Don’t: Expect it to move.

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