Here's the thing about holidays. They're fun, and more people tend to go out to establishments to relish in the atmospheres.

However, what we tend to overlook during such a fun time are the people who make these fun things possible. I'm talking waiters and waitresses, bartenders, and anybody else under the "industry" category who helps these establishments run.

So this is an open letter to the lady who sat next to us at a very expensive restaurant in the Old Port over the weekend, and demonstrated anything but humanity. We has planned this special dinner for a few weeks as our Christmas dinner, so your actions were a bit disheartening.

It was a little upsetting to witness her reaction to the waitress taking care of not only her and her husband, but the entire floor by herself. You could easily tell she was overwhelmed and just doing her best to help all of her tables.

We watched the lady put their food down, and apparently it was the wrong order. Before the poor waitress could even land the plate on the table, this lady pushed her hand back and said, "No, you got my order wrong, that's not what I ordered and I will not eat that". I had secondhand embarrassment, and you ALL know what that's like. Hell, I almost apologized to the waitress.

Where some customers get mad at their waitress and take it out on their tip without reasoning, I'm the kind of person who understands there must be a reason you couldn't get a water to my table in 20 minutes.

Just because somebody is serving you dinner does not make you any more or less valuable than them. The holidays are stressful for everybody, but I do tend to think industry workers are extra stressed by trying to make our night more enjoyable.

I just think there are bigger issues in this delicate life we live to focus on, rather than being rude to a waitress who is just doing her best. I hate to sound like a parent right here, but I'll be honest, I was disappointed.

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