TB 12 has been kicked down to #2.

Last Sunday, a commentator spoke of 'the changing of the guard' and 'a new era' in the AFC when Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs clinched the championship at home, and earned a berth to the big game. Obviously, the intent was a take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots not making it out of the wild card round. Plus, the uncertainty which continues to fly around Brady himself. Whether those opinions stick remains to be seen. However, two days after that win, Patrick Mahomes replaced Brady in another way.

According to the NFLPA, Patrick Mahomes has moved into the No. 1 position on list of top selling players, based on sales of all officially licensed NFL player-identified merchandise from March 1-November 30, 2019. He is now in position to become the new pro football retail king when the final numbers are released in April. Tom Brady has finished each of the past two seasons as the top player on the list, and currently sits at No. 2.

Julian Edelman ranked at No. 21, while former Patriots Antonio Brown was 28th. Plus, Rob Gronkowski hung in there at #38.

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