Celebrities are truly just like us, except way richer with way bigger acquaintance circles to throw way bigger parties at way bigger houses or on way bigger boats.

Sarcasm aside, celebrities celebrate holidays just like we do, including this past Fourth of July, which saw Tom Brady reunite with an old (as in long-time, not as in elderly, just to make sure no one misreads that) friend.

Tom Brady via Instagram
Tom Brady via Instagram

Tom Brady and Robert Kraft

The relationship and friendship between TB12 and Robert Kraft runs deep. Obviously, Brady was at the forefront and arguably the reason that the Pats became World Champions six times throughout Brady's 20 years suiting up for New England.

Their friendship was pretty known to the public as well, which is why Tom's name surfaced toward the end of 2019 when the whole Florida massage parlor drama involving Kraft began making the rounds (charges and accusations of which his name was cleared later in 2020, according to The Guardian.)

Hell, Brady has kissed Kraft on the lips following a Super Bowl win, which has to be the ultimate level of friendship (or simply just a player and owner being caught up in the moment of a monumental win?)

@methodicandy via YouTube Shorts
@methodicandy via YouTube Shorts

Michael Rubin Party

On Tuesday evening, Tom rocked a photo dump from the 4th of July party he attended thrown by Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin. Not only did Tom reunite with Kraft there, but was also seen mingling with rappers Jay-Z and Travis Scott, NBA baller James Harden, and more.

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