Now that the Houston Police Department have released the estimated value of Tom Brady's Super Bowl game jersey, you can bet the black market value has probably doubled.

Here's the police report:

In a sense, there's also a price on the thief's head as the charge for this alleged crime is a first degree felony. There's up to a $10,000 fine and possible imprisonment for "any term of not more than 99 years or less than 5 years."

Most people assume an unscrupulous individual took it from Brady's locker after the New England Patriot's historic win over the Atlanta Falcons on February 5th. But, what if the jersey was never stolen? And if it was, it had to be an inside job or perhaps even a member of the media. Someone could be playing a game of "wag the dog" for reasons unknown to this writer. The media hype has been sensational and that alone is worth its weight in gold.

Whatever the case may be, this could become the biggest "who done it" mystery in U.S. history... bigger than the "who shot JR" scandal of 1980. That drama also unfolded in Texas. Has anyone checked Kristin Shepard's (Mary Crosby) whereabouts on the night in question?

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