Until the most recent Shark Morning Show video, Tom Hanks was the only actor I felt was good enough to own the greatest scene in movie history. Now we can add Jonathan Smith to that list. 

A great actor must have the ability to pull you into their world and leave you on the edge of your seat. They must be so convincing in their role and accurately portray emotions, that as a viewer, you forget you're even watching a movie. In my opinion, Tom Hanks in 'Captain Phillips' does just that.

Here's a clip of the final scene:


Now take a look at Jonathan in 'Jonathan Tries Shock Treatment for Bad Habits'; in particular the final scene. (Isolated in an animated gif for convenience)

Jonathan shocked

Much like Hanks, Jonathan is able to convince us of the torment he's going through. The shaking, the convulsing, the anger at the end when he tosses his 'Pavlok Wristband' to the trash; amazing stuff.

Cheers to Jonathan and Tom Hanks; masters of entertainment and thespian extraordinaires.