A recent story about a hiker lost for 17 days in Hawaii has brought hiking safety to the attention of hikers nationwide.

Sure, it’s fun to just spur of the moment hit the trail, but hiking safety must be taken seriously.

According to WMUR TV, a woman was rescued after falling and injuring her ankle on the Moat Mountain Trail in the White Mountain National forest just this Saturday after falling and injuring her ankle.

Thankfully, rescuers located the injured hiker just 1.5 miles inside the forest on a very rough section of trail.

Hikers must remember:

  • Keep a mobile phone on you at all times
  • Tell someone where you are hiking and when you are expected back
  • Carry an emergency kit, including water

While a mobile phone may allow you to call for help, there is no guarantee you will get cell phone reception where you are hiking so it is critical that someone knows where you are hiking and when you are due back.

That way, authorities can pinpoint where you are in case you become injured, lost or fall it.

Always play it safe.

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