So you might know by now, I was born, grew up and worked in New England until I abruptly took a job in the Midwest at 32 and moved away.

After spending my entire life from Boston to New Haven to Keene, it was a change and left me missing home for sure, none more so than this top 5!

Here's just a few reasons its so darn good to be living in Dover and a roughly two-hour drive home to my mom in Providence, Rhode Island. (I do it in less than 2 but don't tell the Massachusetts Staties that please).

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    The Sports

    New England's pro sports teams (and the college teams are nothing to sneeze at either) are storied dynasties. There's just nothing like getting a beer on Yawkey Way before a Sox game or watching Tom Brady throw an incredible pass for a "down to the last minute" come-from-behind win! #GOAT

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    The Accent

    There's just nothing like the way New Englanders say "good mawning," or "nor'eastah" ok, or "wicked awesome."

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    The Culture

    New England is the birthplace of our American democracy: from Plymouth Rock to Lexington, the terrain is marked with historic sites famous and quaint (I recommend seeing Slater Mill in Pawtucket)

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    The Four Seasons

    From the hot summers on the rocky beaches of Cape Cod to the majestic foliage of fall in White River Junction Vermont, nature puts on a show in New England. (We just aren't going to talk about the snow.)

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    The Food

    Maine Lobster, Rhode Island Quahogs, clam cakes and chowder... but it's not just seafood. How about the original hamburger at Louie's Lunch by Yale's campus? Pasta in Boston's North End or Providence's Federal Hill? And you'd be hard pressed to find better brews on tap than at Hampton Beach Casino in NH!