The answer is False but I swear I don't remember ever seeing them. Now, they're everywhere!

Train Images
Train Images

You know when I can take a nicely focused photo of four foot long Eastern Milk Snake like the one above, just relaxing in the back yard, that is PROOF that they are everywhere.

For the first forty years of my life, the only snake breeds that I would see locally were Eastern Garter Snakes, Ribbon Snakes (which are basically the same thing) and Northern Water Snakes.

Even though Milk Snakes were always around according to any research or habitat map that you look at, I swear I never stumbled across any until the last couple of years.

I'm very sure that when I was ten years old, the color pattern on the snake above (Looks like a Boa Constrictor right?) would have made enough of an impression that I'd have remembered it.

According to sssssseveral ssssssnake sssssssourcesssssss, they will eat Garter Snakes. I can't help wondering if they're taking over the NH snake population, one meal at a time.

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