According to Central Maine, game wardens in Maine are spreading awareness to all hikers to be prepared for weather and colder temperatures in the high elevations, even though spring has arrived.

It is important to take not that while hiking in Maine, you should always be prepared for any type of emergency that may occur. Being warm and having the right equipment are the most important in my opinion.

Even though it is officially spring, our mountains are still wintery with heavy winds, low temps, and snow.

Two hikers named Colby Thayer and Larry-Michael Farrington, were rescued on Bigelow Mountain in Franklin County after hiking up without snowshoes and staying overnight. It's a big problem to go hiking

Their boots froze overnight and they woke up very cold as the article says. This left them unprepared to make the hike down the mountain.

Eventually, they were rescued by Game Warden Garrett Moody.

The Eustis Fire Rescue Department also met up with them after snowmobiling and snowshowing to the spot they were in.

The two hikers were given snowshoes and taken back to their vehicle without needing medical attention.

Thankfully the hikers did not need have any medical attention.

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