Not to mention a yearlong record of 18-6. EIGHTEEN and SIX. I'm telling you, just try to do better than that. As you can ascertain from this week's 'U Pick Em' segment, I certainly wouldn't be able to accomplish that feat.

Tracey Photo Credit
Tracey Photo Credit

Team Hugh Picks : Kansas City

They have the best record in the entire AFC, they just rested up on bye week and they're facing the lowly Oakland Raiders. Hugh of Eliot Small Engine thinks this is a lock and I agree with him.

The fact that I agree with him kind of scares me because three of the six losses of that astounding 18-6 overall record, are mine. Yes, that's half of our combined fails.

Team Sarah Picks : Houston

The Texans are hotter than any team right now, after an 0-3 start, they haven't lost. Jacob from SIS Bank thanks they should easily dispatch the Browns.

Since Sarah referenced Houston with pop culture and history and did so with a movie that was 2000 miles away and 30 plus years off, I think Team Sarah will easily put up win number 11.

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