In addition to picking games on what is commonly referred to as "THE BEST FOOTBALL WEEKEND OF THE YEAR", you'll also get cooking tips from Hugh of Eliot Small Engine!

Pauline Photo Credit
Pauline Photo Credit


Team Hugh Picks: Green Bay

Before we get picketed by any animal cruelty groups, Hugh has NEVER suggested putting any woodland creature into his AMAZING breakfast casserole. This was just a joke, much like our 8-10 record for the 2019/2020 Football Season.

Hope springs eternal however as we can STILL finish this season ABOVE .500 if we win out!

We're thinking that Aaron Rodgers and his Wisconsin Warriors can send Seattle back to The Pacific Northwest where they belong.

Team Jacob Picks: San Francisco

I'm Jimmy G all the way. He's GORGEOUS. Why would I go against him? - Sarah Sullivan; Winning Football Analysis

Sarah's strange methods of prognostication have been nearly foolproof this season so, why stop now? Jacob from Partners Bank thinks the Niners are the better football team and therefore, the pick is unanimous.

I'm legally obligated to report that Team Jacob is 13-5, a full FIVE GAMES better than my team.

As Hugh says on this week's episode "SERENITY NOW!"

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